Born 1958, London England
Current Residence, Toronto Canada

1977 to 1980 The Ontario College of Art
1980 to 1996 The Hospital for Sick Children, Department of Visual
Education, Medical Artist
1998 to 2001 GVFX Toronto, Senior Animator

1999 Primetime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Special Effects in a Series ( Total Recall 2070 )
Gemini Nomination for Special Effects
Monitor Award for Special Effects in a series

International Digital Art Awards, Melbourne Australia ( group )
Big Men in Small Cars, Tinmanalley in Philadelphia ( group )
A Complex Conspiracy, 2 person show at Tinmanalley in Philadelphia

Now we are Six, Roq La Rue in Seattle ( group )
Age of Aquarius, Copro Nason in Los Angeles ( group )
Ray Caesar and Amy Hill, two person show at Roq La Rue in Seattle
Benefit for the Memphis six, Phoenix Arizona ( group benefit )
Misdirection 2004, Lineage Gallery in Burlington Vermont ( group )
Ghost Town, Tinmanalley in Philadelphia ( group )
Parallel Universe, Art Basel Florida ( group )

Pulp, Lonsdale Gallery in Toronto ( group)
Secret Doors and Hidden Rooms, Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York ( solo )
Upon Further Review, Rogue Buddha Gallery Minneapolis ( group )
Idols of Perversity, Bellwether Gallery New York ( group )
London Art Fair, Richard Goodall Gallery, London England
Katalogue Book Opening at The Trafalgar Hotel London England ( group )
The World of Ray Caesar Kochbos Gallery Amsterdam Holland ( solo )

Sweet Victory Jonathan Levine Gallery New York ( solo show )
Katalogue Book Opening at The Gibson Jessop Gallery Toronto ( group )
Nostalgia , Magda Danyz Gallery, Paris (group )
Oxop Juxtapoz show, Minneapolis ( group )
Friendly Fire, Berman Turner Projects, Santa Monica ( group )

“We’ll Make a Lover of You” At The ArtCenter, South Florida ( group )
Ipso Facto Richard Goodall Gallery Manchester England ( solo )
Rome Is Burning/The New School. Foster Gallery University of Wisconsin.

In The Garden of Moonlight. Jonathan LeVine Gallery. New York, NY
In The Land of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor. Laguna Art Museum. Laguna, CA
The Tales We Tell Exhibition Lonsdale Gallery. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (group)

Galerie Magda Danysz. Paris, France
Richard Goodall Gallery. Manchester UK
Mondo Bizzaro Gallery. Rome, Italy ( solo)

Richard Goodall Gallery
Bristol Museum, Bristol England
Corey Helford Gallery, LA California
Affordable Art Fair, London England
NewcastleGateshead Art Fair, Newcastle, England

Jonathon Levine Gallery, Solo Show New York, NY (solo)
Corey Helford Gallery, “In the Nursery”, LA California (group)
Frans Vanhove Gallery at Affordable Art Fair Brussels, Belgium
Corey Helford Gallery, Solo Show, LA California (solo)

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Gothic Beauty Jan 2006
IDN Magazine 2005
Creator Spain winter 2005
Pacha Madrid Fashion Magazine Nov 2005
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Nippon Vogue Jan 2006

November 24 2005

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May 24 2005

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December 1 2004

New CG China: Issue 08
July 1 2004

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January 1 2004

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January 1 2004

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Ukerainian Underground Culture

January 1 2004

EFX Art and Design

Issue 39 & 40